Most webpage functions online, improved cloud images

It's going well, better than hoped for, with the virtualization of the Windows 2000 machine on Windows 7.

All functions which worked before the server crash are back online.
Improved is the resolution of the cloud images, which are now purchased as a subscription.

This also shows in the animated weather movies, which also now feature the better clouds.
I wonder if there is a method to get the movies to play in the screensaver, again...


Migration to new server

The 3 year old server which generated the "Our Planet Earth From Space" website recently began crashing once every 24 hours, give and take a few hours.

As a result I bought a newer and faster machine yesterday.

There are teething problems, as the new computer uses SATA drives, and the old server had IDE drives. As the whole webpage has been custom programmed it isn't so easy to migrate the code to the newer system.

I'm therefore using virtualization software to migrate the webpage with the minimum of fuss.
Even so, it will be several days before everything can work again as before.

In addition, recently the source for hurricane plots has stopped updating.

Please be patient, as over the next few days funcions will go online again...