Active Volcano display is updated

After it was brought to my attention that Mt. St. Helens was falsely showing on my volcano display, even though it wasn't active for a couple of months, I had to change the data source, away from the Smithsonian Institution.

My data now are from the International Volcano Research Centre, at Apache Junction, Arizona. I thank R. B. Trombley,Ph.D. and his associates for permission to use the data.

Volcano iconsActive volcanoes are shown as brown triangles, and erupting volcanos are shown in red. The name of the volcano is printed next to the symbol in orange. It is not unusual to see quake activity next to a volcano. Inside the triangles fires may be observed, which are lava flows.

Scale of volcanic acitivities:
Volcano Alert Level 1 Vulcano ist restless; Eruption is possible.
(Volcano Alert Level 1)

Volcano Alert Level 2-4 Volcano is erupting or eruptions are eminent.
(Volcano Alert Level 2-4)

Volcano Alert Level 5 Significant eruptions are underway, or explosive eruptions are expected at any time. (Volcano Alert Level 5).

Data from:
Update interval: twice daily.