Erupting Volcano in Chile

The Chilean volcano Chaiten has been erupting since September 23, 2008. This activity has been registered on the website, when the volcano icon turned from brown to red. A little later, magma flow was detected by the Modis fire detection system, shown by a yellow spot in the middle of the volcano symbol.

On the ground, the small village next to the volcano has been evacuated and a live webcam and video stream from the chilean meteorological office shows the ongoing eruption of the volcano.


ehabich.info is back online!

Well, it took 6 days, but today "Our Planet Earth From Space" is back online.
I apologize to all for this inconvenience, but a change of provider is seldom totally smooth.

Cheers, Eric


ehabich.info back online: soon

I have changed the domain administrator and web space for ehabich.info.

The domain transfer will take a few days until it is completed, but then "Our Planet Earth From Space" will be back online.


Deutsche Telekom is stoopid

The German Telekom has cancelled my webserver package after I cancelled my DSL subscription and phone.

I did this because I moved together with my lovely girlfriend, and for the love of Pete we did not need two phone connections at our place.

Why the Telekom also cancelled my webserver is a complete mystery, because I never gave them the order to do that.

I now have the opportunity to move to a much cheaper webhost, which I have delayed to do until now, because I did not want an interruption of my website service to you.

I hope to have the website back up again soonest.